Create Bolton is a small arts based charity working locally within the borough of Bolton and we are five years old this summer (

Since the start of our journey we have been supported at every step by Genesis Seven. We met them originally through an indirect contact and as we described who we were and what we did, fortunately for us they decided to support us. We truly cannot believe just how blessed we are to have them journeying with us.

They have brought a thoroughly professional approach to our marketing and branding all at their own cost, commencing with design boards that ultimately resulted in our logo as a core design and colours for each of our respective projects.

Although we are a small charity Genesis Seven have always made us feel like we’re their most important customer.
We meet at the start of every year to plan our requirements and although we have our ideas, these are always enhanced by Genesis Seven and the final outcome is always better than we could have imagined.

Genesis Seven always accommodate our requests and always turn around the work quickly and this makes such a difference to us. We love to think that when we do things we do them to a high standard and this is always reflected in the quality of the tickets, posters, brochures and banners produced by Genesis Seven.

Genesis Seven as part of their corporate social responsibility provide us with an extensive range of material like advertising material, banner design, menus and tickets for our fundraising events, business cards, templates for promoting who we are what we do and in general, advice and guidance on how we present ourselves as a charity.

We feel like we work for a charity that has professional standards, that wants to stand out and grow and this is all made much easier with the support of Genesis Seven.
Finally, I can honestly say that we would not be where we are today without the support and kindness shown to us by Genesis Seven.

Andrew Kilpatrick
Lead Officer
Create Bolton

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