Over the past twelve years Pop UK has delivered social, moral and cultural learning through music to primary schools across the UK.

We help schools to develop children’s mental and emotional wellbeing.
The level of success of our charity would not have happened without the involvement of Genesis Seven.

They created the ‘face’ of our charity; the design of our logo, the creation of our website, the impact of our marketing. Genesis Seven were able to capture in one logo two essential ingredients:

1. Our message – that we work with children; we use music; we have a social impact; we connect communities together; we improve the mental and emotional wellbeing of children.
2. Our ethos – that we believe that good, caring relationships are essential to wellbeing; that unity really matters in communities.

Another vitally important point to make about Genesis Seven is that they are great people – they are utterly professional; highly creative; willing to learn; approachable; easy to work with; they genuinely want their clients to be successful and they delight in making that achievable.

We have worked with other providers. None of them match the quality of Genesis Seven.
I highly recommend them and can assure anyone that they will not be disappointed.

Andrew Silver
Founder & Director
Pop UK

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