We first started to work with them some 15 years ago when we were a much smaller organisation and looking to improve and enhance our public image.

Genesis Seven were superb at helping us to imagine our persona in a very new and refreshing way and as a result of their help and the work they did for us we have grown significantly. They recently supported us in the design and production of a crucial publication celebrating 25 years of providing service to the communities of Bolton, the document they produced was once again of exceptional quality and was commented on by many of the 250 people who attended the celebration.

We were able to use it to promote our work on wider stage with comments from around the UK and wider afield. Why do we go to them?

  • Because they are approachable, they take time to understand our requirements and ensure we are totally happy with every step of the process.
  • Because they are honest and trustworthy, as a small organisation finding a company that is honest and won’t change the goal posts during the process is critical for us with a limited budget.
  • They are totally reliable when it comes to delivering in the time set even when we have given them a really tight time frame to work with.
  • Because they are so easy to get on with, every contact is a pleasure and an encouragement they always seek to ensure that it’s all about us the customer even when you are prone to doubt yourselves, their experience and professionalism demonstrate their reach and capacity to deliver the quality and the goods.
  • Because they have a great social value ethic.
    When we seek out suppliers we are always trying to find those that return something back to the community.

Genesis Seven give a significant proportion of their profits back to organisations and projects that ring true with their directors, they not only give money as part of their social responsibility but are happy to support small initiatives with their knowledge and skills often for free thereby adding significantly to the value of every contract.

And because they are just so nice to work with.
The quality of their work speaks for itself and more often than not I find it better not to interrupt, we will go on using them and referencing them to other companies and organisations.

Dave Bagley
Chief Executive
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