I have worked with Genesis Seven over the past 10 years with my last three companies: Müller Dairy, Rustlers Burgers and Dr Schär UK.

I’ve had varied projects such as convenience sector retailer marketing, instore banners & panels, point of Sale kits, exhibition graphics, plus internal marketing workshop material.

Most recently they have been involved in the complete rebranding of internal wall graphics throughout the Dr Schär UK head office with insightful, engaging and highly visual ideas.

On these and other occasions I would say that Genesis Seven have produced work that exceeded expectations and delivered on time every time.

At each company I have worked with their work has been admired by the marketing team who have then engaged in many other projects with them.

Roger Harrop
Lead Category Management
Dr Schär UK

Urban Outreach

Furlong Flooring (Preston)



Places for People

Pop UK

Create Bolton

Furlong Flooring (Dartford)